Monday, August 31, 2015

Colourful Summer

Hi there,

What is the summer without a colourful hat!? :o)

You remember my free pattern Crochet Hat Summer Breeze? I've added a string of a few mini crochet balls to it in different colours and the result turn out to be really stunning...

Mini Crochet Balls - crochet pattern by Pingo - The Pink Penguin

This is my first time crocheting mini balls, but I am really in love with them, they give endless opportunities - they can be great addition to your summer hat, threaded in a string, they make an adorable necklace and if you combine them with another wooden tiny ball, you will have the most wonderful summer earrings...

Mini Crochet Balls - Crochet Pattern by Pingo - The Pink Penguin

The pattern for those gorgeous Mini Crochet Balls is available at Pingo's shops: Ravelry and Craftsy for free download. The pattern is available in two sizes. For the earrings I've used small balls, but they will also look amazing and will not be very heavy if you use big balls or a combination of one small and one big crochet ball. The necklace is made of combination of small and big crochet balls (1 big crochet ball on each 5 small crochet balls).

And because I love the summer season and the vivid colours, I am sharing with you this beautiful and inspiring picture - Sunset in Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna Austria.

Mini Crochet Balls - Crochet Pattern by Pingo - The Pink Penguin

Happy Crocheting! :o)

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