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Pingo - The Pink Penguin
Welcome to Pingo - The Pink Penguin!
My name is Jenny and I am the designer behind Pingo brand. Thank you for stopping by! :o)

Maybe you wonder why the blog is called Pingo, but not ‘Crochet’, ‘The magic hooks’ or ‘Handmade’ – I have chosen this name to make it a bit unique, make its spirit stronger and to be easier for you to remember and distinguish it from the rest of the already existing crochet web pages or blogs in the global web. 

Pingo - The Pink Penguin

In this blog I share unique, beautiful and inspiring crochet patterns. I put a lot of energy, passion and love in everything that touches my heart. A good pattern brings joyful and satisfaction not only to its creator but also to the person that realizes it by its own hands (the final product will make you proud of yourself for learning something new). I hope you will enjoy my patterns as much as I enjoyed creating them :o)

Thank you for visiting Pingo's blog, hope to see you here again!

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