Monday, July 20, 2015

Crochet Rose Headband and Bracelet

The crochet pattern for those gorgeous headband and bracelet was released today. Initially I've planed to make only a headband, but when I saw how amazingly it looks on my wrist, I've made the crochet pattern for both - a headband and a bracelet. The combination of the two of them turn out to be really stunning...

Crochet Rose Headband and Bracelet, rochet pattern by Pingo - The Pink Penguin

They are perfect for parties, weddings or just to make you feel special in your everyday life. You can play with the colours and make them fit any particular outfit as well.

I think a stylish headband is a must have for every girl, especially for the sunny summer days.

Crochet Rose Headband by Pingo - The Pink Penguin

A colourful bracelet is always a good addition to your outfit.

Crochet Rose Bracelet by Pingo - The Pink Penguin

The crochet pattern for the Rose Headband and Bracelet is available at Pingo's shops: Etsy and Ravelry.

Happy Crocheting! :o)


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  2. When will this lovely pattern be available to purchase on Ravelry?